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About St Thomas Best Concierge Services

Rock Concierge Services specializes in Villa Management and is also a leading Concierge Services Company based in St. Thomas with staff and contacts around the US Virgin Islands. Our mission is to free up time and make vacation planning easier for our guests. We do that by taking care of everything from booking excursions to coordinating transportation. We have been living in St. Thomas since 2007 and have been catering to a growing clientele ever since! 

Our network of Vendors understand and respect our commitment to excellence and that perfect plans are our top priority. We all work together as a team behind the scenes. This very unique approach ensures your best experience. Our staff work tirelessly to ensure you have what you need. From hand selecting the freshest produce when provisioning to delivering suntan lotion - and it’s because our concierge care. 

While our prompt Property Management Services are complimentary from the Villa Owners, the Concierge Services are “on the side” and additional fees and gratuities do apply.  20% Gratuity is customary on the cost of food for provisioning, and gratuity at your discretion is customary for the expertise and time taken to help plan your best vacation! We usually discourage cash tips left at the Villa (with all of the vendors involved in the turnover process) without prior notice. We prefer Venmo! 

$55 Booking Fee per excursion or service

$45 per hour provisioning fee with 20% Gratuity on cost of food for shopper

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